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At Docsbase Ireland we use an internal quality control procedure based on a bespoke system developed in our Swiss office.


This system has been put into place in all our offices, meaning that whether you’re in Maynooth or Manhattan, we can provide you with the very best service. All our work is carried out with the greatest care.


We specialize in providing certified translations of official documents, and we offer an unbeatable quality of service. Over 90% of our projects are completed ahead of schedule, by qualified experts with the skills to translate your documents to the highest standard, and the know-how to ensure that they will meet any and all standards and requirements.

Between our offices in Ireland and abroad, we can provide 24/7 service, whether it’s translation, certification, legalization or visa support.

Quality Control

We adapt our world-renowned quality assurance procedures to meet the needs of every client.

All you need to do is let your Docsbase Ireland business adviser know of any problems that come up during the translation process and we will take immediate action to find a solution for you. For your peace of mind, any and all problems that arise during translation and the actions taken to remedy them are fully documented and available to you.

Docsbase Ireland is a corporate member of the ITI and ATA, which are the only professional associations representing the interests of translators and interpreters.

Our Irish offices ensure that all our translations are carried out in accordance with the provisions and procedures of our Swiss-developed system of standards and quality checks. This Swiss method calls for constant evaluation and improvement of service meaning that we continuously look for better and more efficient procedures. Continual improvement is one of the essential goals of our system of quality assurance.

Did you know? Docsbase Ireland provides the fastest, most cost effective document legalisation services between Ireland and the United Kingdom. Call our Dublin team today to find out more.