Learn English in Ireland – English Courses in the World’s Friendliest Country

The demand for English courses is related to the increasing priority of English as one of the main international languages. Globalization and the acceleration of international trade, commerce and travel have greatly boosted the demand for English. Ireland has always been a very popular destination for tourists because of its reputation for beautiful scenery and hospitality. This reputation combined with the fact that English is the primary spoken language means that Ireland is also a top destination for students who want to go abroad to study english. It is estimated that the EFL sector in Ireland contracts more than 130,000 students annually. Globally, the British Council has indicated, in a report on international education, that the numbers of EFL students could grow to 2 billion by 2010, which means there will be more and more students coming to Ireland in the future. According to a survey carried out by Dublin Institute of Technology in 2006, students from Italy …
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